Investment Philosophy

We prefer targets which provide for the necessities of mankind or society. This will also include technological companies or platforms which enhance the efficiencies of such industries.

Key Elements in Target Search:


Strong track record and extensive industry experience and knowledge

Growth Potential

Possible industry leader in the making, adopting new technologies to address changing demands


Sustainable operation and solid long-term growth plan
By leveraging on KVAC’s global networks we strive to shorten our target search and acquisition time. With extensive hands-on business operating experience and financial expertise, we promote a constructive and collaborative approach focused on optimizing growth, maximizing value creation and enhancing returns for our stakeholders.

Leveraging on KVAC’s Expertise

Experts in Operations

Entrepreneurs / Professional Managers (C-Suite Officers)

Experts in Deal Making

Corporate Financers / Professional Investors

Extensive Global Networks

Global Networks Built on Decades of Relationships and Experience

Investment Banks / Audit Firms / Law Firms

Proven De-SPAC / Exit Capabilities

Successful de-SPACs / Successful PE Exits

We prefer targets with sustainable growth of portfolio assets and ultimately long-term value creation through consistent and disciplined implementation of sustainable business practices. By providing long-term and committed capital, KVAC seeks to accelerate beneficial change and unlock target’s intrinsic value.

Combing these strengths, KVAC hopes to achieve a timely implementation of efficient and effective business plans in order to shorten our business combination process, thus achieving optimal investment returns for shareholders.